Artists On Market

Featured Artists

Tracey Bosworth - Fused Glass

Dareya Cohen - Jewelry

Deb Cohan - Watermedia

Anne Cherubim - Acrylic

Matthew Baker - Oil, Charcoal, Gouache

Jaree Donnelly - Photography, Painting and Jewelry

Tim Aley - Woodturner

Pam Berry - Pottery/Ceramics

Hiral Joshi - Acrylics, Mixed Media

Bill Mapes - Oil, Graphite, Charcoal

Carol Moore - Printmaking, Intaglio

Iris Perry - Handcrafted Jewelry

Leigh Partington - Stoneware: Sculpture, Carved, Imprinted & Illustrated Slab Forms

Keith Mounts - Photography

Michele Rubin - Glass

Roxana Rojas-Luzon - Collage and Mixed Media

Paul Sandler - Woodturning

Raya Salman - Oil and Acrylic

Margaret Polcawich - Mixed Media Sculpture and Wall Art

Tova Shpantzer - Metalsmith & Enamel

Phyllis Gordon - Textile Dyes on Silk (Fine Art and wearable art)

Maritza Suarez-Valenti - Jewelry

Jeanne Sullivan - Collage

Sheryl Winans - Silver, Copper, Semi Precious Stones, Sea Glass

Laurie J Hartman - Fused Glass

Craig Higgins - Photography, Oils, Acrylic, Mixed Media

Pritha Srinivasan - Watermedia

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