Artists On Market – Member FAQs

How can I join the Gaithersburg Artist Collective?
A jurying process is used to select artists to join the Gaithersburg Artist Collective. This is a competitive process and not all applicants will be offered the opportunity to participate.

How and when can I apply to become a member?
We use an online application process that requires the submission of an application, an artist statement, a resume, and 8-10 images.  Images of classwork should not be submitted. Currently, applications will de accepted on a rolling basis.  All visual arts mediums (2-D and 3-D) are welcome to apply. The application cost is currently $50.

Do I need to live in Gaithersburg in order to be a member?
There is no Gaithersburg residency requirement.

Is there an age requirement?
Because our members have to handle adult responsibilities and legal issues, all members must be at least 16 years old.

 Are there any membership dues?
Members must pay monthly dues.

If my art sells at Artists on Market, what portion of the sale is retained by the Gaithersburg Artist Collective?
A commission of 30% is collected  by the Gaithersburg Artist Collective on all sales to fund operating expenses and programming.  The Kentlands Community Foundation facilitates this process.

Other than dues and commissions, are there other responsibilities?
Members must actively participate in the activities of the Gaithersburg Artist Collective, handling specific “jobs” and team positions, as well as volunteer as a gallery monitor when their artwork is part of an exhibition.

More questions?
Please contact us at