Introduction – Letter from the Chair

We are so grateful for all of our Foundation’s supporters, advocates, and the many volunteers who organize, support, and make our programs possible. I want to take a moment to give a special thanks to the Foundation Board who has done so much to keep the Foundation running during what has admittedly been a challenging year. My tenure as Chair began just as our long-time Executive Director stepped down and the search began for a replacement. A huge thank you is due to our board members and especially to our Executive Committee, Rob Garretson, Ailene Renzi, Ron Thelin, and Steve Rambo who put in countless hours of time to shoulder much of the work during the ED absence. 

The work of the Foundation during this year included our search for an Associate Director to help support our growing organization which resulted in a fantastic find, Paul Finver, who gamely stepped in during our gap in ED coverage. I am delighted to say that we now have our Executive Director office full and in wonderfully capable hands, with the recent hire of Justin Heimberg, who comes to us with an extensive background in leadership and management, program development, writing, and the creative arts, communication, philanthropy and volunteerism.

As I began my tenure as Chair, I brought three initiatives to the Foundation: improved communication, publicity, and branding to help the community gain a better understanding of who the Foundation is and what we and our programs do for the community, implementation of more efficient operations at both an organizational and a program level, and most importantly expanded and effective fundraising for the Foundation.

To that end, we hired a social media manager who has done brilliant work to help broaden the reach of our programs and spread the Foundation’s message via social media, we completed an update to the Foundation’s logo and branding, and we brought on an accountant to help create efficiencies in our financial operations. Fundraising has been a prominent focus, and we are delighted to have the Sponsor Outreach and Donor Development committee, a work that has been years in the making, up and running at last, with Paul, Justin, and myself facilitating a robust and creative committee. 

I am excited and looking forward to more successes this year and in the years to come. 

Meredith Fogle
Chair, Board of Directors
Kentlands Community Foundation 

About the Foundation

The Kentlands Community Foundation is a not-for-profit educational and cultural organization established in 1993 and dedicated to enriching civic life. Our mission is threefold:

  1. To build community by supporting local arts and cultural programs,
  2. To provide opportunities for volunteerism and community outreach, and
  3. To serve as an educational resource on the landmark new urbanist community that is Kentlands.

In addition to serving Kentlands and Lakelands, the Foundation also serves the wider Gaithersburg community and is a frequent partner with the City of Gaithersburg on a variety of programs. Our programs seek to connect individuals and families in ways that enhance everyday life and encourage civic involvement.

Structure of the Foundation

The Foundation’s governing structure has two layers. The first is the Board of Directors, which oversees the Foundation’s strategy, activities, and policies. Members are appointed from the Gaithersburg/Montgomery County government, business, arts, and town planning communities, and from the residents of Kentlands and Lakelands.

2023 Board of Directors

Program Leads

The second layer of the Foundation’s organization is composed of Foundation Program Leads, who plan and execute programs and outreach efforts. The Program Leads work with the volunteers within their committees to produce or provide one-time events and/or ongoing activities for each program. Board members also act as liaisons to each Foundation program.

2023 Program Leads

Foundation Executive Director

Elisabeth Monaco, Executive Director since December 2017, resigned her position in April 2023. The Executive Director is to work an average of 25 hours per week, fluctuating as needed to provide management, program development, grant writing, and communications for the Foundation in support of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Foundation’s programs.  With the rapid growth in size and complexity of our programs, the Executive Director has been providing additional hours. Starting in May 2023, Dianne Koval served as the Interim Executive Director of the Foundation. The Board also approved an additional position for the Executive Staff to assist with the program’s expansion. The Associate Director position was filled by Paul Finver in late July of 2023.

The Foundation’s funding comes from multiple sources: an initial endowment from the Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA), funding from public and private organizations, and income generated by programs and fundraising efforts. The KCA is the Foundation’s most reliable and consistent source of annual funding, with funds raised from every home sale in the Kentlands earmarked by covenant to the funding of programs determined to be beneficial to the qualities of the social and cultural life in Kentlands,” with a specific reference to “contributions to the Kentlands Community Foundation, and other similar causes.” The Foundation thus makes an annual request to the KCA for funding of its professional staff, plus contributions for any ad hoc programs that require seed funding and are particularly beneficial to the qualities of the social and cultural life in Kentlands/Lakelands. In support of its philanthropic mission, the Foundation donated a combined $20,000 to several charitable organizations from the proceeds of the 2023 Kentlands/Lakelands 5K Race.

2023 Awards

To help the Foundation celebrate its programs and the people who make them possible, each year we recognize individuals who go above and beyond in serving our community by giving their time and talents in support of the arts, embodying volunteerism, and helping uphold the Kentlands/Lakelands as a landmark of New Urbanism. Volunteers are nominated by program leadership and voted on by the Board of Directors. 


Arts Support Award

This award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated excellence and commitment in supporting the cultural arts in Kentlands/Lakelands and/or the greater community through an established program with the Foundation.

  • Chris Kelly, a longtime resident of Kentlands, has been on the board of the Kentlands Film Society for the past 14 years and has served as its chair or co-chair for the past 4 years. Chris’s outstanding organizational skills, attention to detail, and can-do spirit have helped the program thrive. Under Chris Kelly’s leadership, film attendance is back to pre-pandemic levels.  The Film Society’s mission is to bring high-quality, independent films to residents of the greater Kentlands/Lakelands community. For the past 17 years, the KFS has shown 80 films to a collective audience of approximately 6,000 attendees. Residents regularly report that the KFS is a real asset to our community. As co-chair of the KFS, Chris oversees all aspects of running the Kentlands Film Society. She takes the lead on vital details including meeting with the Arts Barn representative to decide on dates for the upcoming season and signing a rental contract, creating and sending out the agenda for committee meetings and chairing KFS committee meetings, assigning roles for introducing the next film, running Critic’s Corner, coordinating with the Arts Barn for set-up and ensuring that the DVD is tested before each showing. In 2023, despite significant medical issues, she persevered. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and can-do spirit inspire a dedicated, hard-working team of volunteers—providing this wonderful artistic and cultural experience to the greater community.  


  • Matt Baker In his role as lead of the Facilities team Matt oversees maintenance of the physical gallery space. He has been responsible for all of the beautiful transformations of each new space that became Artists On Market. Regardless of whether it was a rug store, an Omaha Steaks, a clothing boutique, or a Hair Cuttery, Matt has led the team in transforming that space into a beautiful gallery. He has spent innumerable hours working to ensure a perfect finish. Each gallery turns out to be a beautiful space in which to show art, and finely crafted work. Matt has always spent countless hours above and beyond the required time to ensure we have the most lovely gallery spaces. For this dedication, he has our sincerest thanks.


Friend of the Foundation

This award recognizes individuals and organizations who have demonstrated a higher level of commitment and perseverance for the support or creation of a program.

This year, the Foundation is presenting this award to three individuals, all outgoing Board members.

Jaree Donnelly, a cornerstone of our board from 2014 to 2023, has left an indelible mark on the Foundation. Serving as Chair for the last four years, Jaree’s leadership exemplified dedication and foresight, extending her term to facilitate a seamless transition and support the Foundation’s continuity amidst change. Through the trials of the Covid pandemic, Jaree’s steadfast guidance steered the Foundation to recovery, ensuring the flourishing of our programs as we resumed operations and strengthened community bonds. Her relentless pursuit of grants and funding sustained our initiatives during uncertain times, securing the Foundation’s stability and future growth. Jaree’s legacy extends beyond her role as Chair, evident in the growth of the Village program to be self-sustaining, no longer needing the support of the Foundation. Her vision and leadership have propelled Artists on Market to thrive despite its multiple moves, embodying the Foundation’s mission of fostering self-sustaining community endeavors. Even after stepping down from the board, Jaree remains an active advocate for the Foundation, exemplified by her continued involvement in our fundraising efforts. We extend our deepest gratitude to Jaree for her unwavering dedication, invaluable contributions, and enduring commitment to the Foundation’s mission.

From 2018 to 2023 Sharon Cantrell’s involvement on the Board epitomized her steadfast loyalty and valuable contributions to the Foundation’s endeavors. Initially serving in an At-Large capacity, Sharon’s adaptability and commitment shone brightly throughout her tenure. With a background in banking and finance, Sharon guided the Foundation through the complexities of fiscal management during the Covid pandemic and beyond. As a trusted sounding board for the treasurer, Sharon’s counsel ensured prudent financial decision-making, safeguarding the Foundation’s stability and growth. Her impact extended beyond financial stewardship. She was instrumental in the 5K race, securing sponsorships and streamlining processes as the liaison to the program. Additionally, her efforts in transitioning the Foundation’s banking relationship to a more customer-friendly, local institution underscores her commitment to community engagement and support. Sharon’s role as Planning Commissioner for the City of Gaithersburg showcased her dedication to community betterment and paved the way for her transition to the New Urbanist seat. In this role she championed our April 2023 New Urbanism Weekend, a long overdue educational initiative, cementing her legacy of enhancing community engagement. We extend our profound appreciation to Sharon for her commitment to the Foundation.

We thank Jodi Rappaport for her unwavering dedication and many invaluable contributions to the Foundation’s endeavors during her tenure on the board from 2020 to 2023. Beginning as an alternate board member, Jodi’s willingness to take on responsibilities without a full seat demonstrated her commitment to the Foundation’s mission. Transitioning to the business seat in 2022, Jodi emerged as a strong contributor, leveraging her relationships with other business owners and in our downtown market area working tirelessly to strengthen community ties. Additionally, her HR background assisted with our volunteer engagement. Her efforts were particularly notable in expanding the Kentlands Downtown tree lighting event, which evolved into a cherished community program now under the Foundation’s stewardship. As the chair of the program committee, Jodi’s leadership during the transition of the Executive Director showcased her ability to deliver successful outcomes amidst challenges. Even though she is stepping down from the board, we anticipate maintaining a strong continued partnership with Jodi and her business, fostering mutually beneficial opportunities for collaboration and community enrichment for many years to come.

2023 Programs & Events

Each year hundreds of volunteers give their time, energy, and talents to organize and execute Foundation-sponsored programs and events that collectively involve thousands of participants. These programs and events are intended to be grass-root efforts, financially self-sustaining, driven by volunteers, and supported by sponsorships, donations, or other mechanisms to defray costs. The Foundation as an organization maintains a relatively lean cost structure and whenever possible, we will give to worthy community charities.

Program & Event Leads have provided highlights from the past year below, as well as a look ahead to the coming year.


Arts & Culture

The Gaithersburg Artist Collective (GAC) returned to a gallery setting in April 2023 in the neighborhood where it all began in the Kentlands. Once again, the GAC transformed a space into Artists on Market, a beautiful storefront gallery. Friends and patrons, new and old, welcomed us back. As always, every visitor marveled at the selection of unique treasures, beautifully made works of art, and interesting gift items. Window shoppers became return destination customers for art and gifts now that they knew where to find us!

Charitable undertakings in 2023 included:

  • a sock drive with little heart-shaped notes, benefitting Stepping Stones Shelter
  • personal hygiene products for Helping Hands Shelter
  • art supplies for local Montgomery County Public Schools
  • school supplies for local Montgomery County Public Schools
  • ongoing donations to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society from the sale of select merchandise
  • our ever-popular annual American Heart Association fundraiser offering pins, magnets, and other small gift items where our artists donate 100% of proceeds

GAC members volunteered over 200 hours a month toward their mission of bringing art to the community, supporting gallery outreach activities, and staffing the gallery. Artists on Market also started up an educational component in this new location, offering classes such as Intro to Felt-Making, a Snowflake Ornament Workshop, and a Candles & Cards Workshop. In addition, free classes and art-related activities were offered to the public, often in conjunction with Kentlands Market Square’s planned events, such as the mini-murals activity on the day of the mural unveiling on Center Point Way, and Kid’s Korner activities. Further, the GAC maintained a presence and engaged in activities such as the Kentlands Under the Light, offering vendor opportunities to other area artists for the day, and the Kentlands Tree & Menorah Lighting.

As interest and support for local artists continues to grow, so did the mailing list and social media followers for both the GAC and Artists on Market. Among the many reasons visitors kept coming back to shop at Artists on Market was knowing that a portion of their purchases was going toward helping those in need as well as supporting 25-30 local artists and small business owners.


Kentlands Community Players (KCP) had a year of activity and growth in 2023. In partnership with Gaithersburg’s Theatre Arts Partnership Program (TAPP), KCP produced “The Hollow” and “Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem,” participated in “Walking with Shakespeare,” and sent the one-act play, “Skin Deep” to the Maryland Community Theatre Festival. KCP was also pleased to be offered membership in the Washington Area Theatre Community Honors (WATCH), an organization founded for the adjudication and presentation of annual awards recognizing artistic and technical excellence in community theater throughout the Washington D.C. Metro Area. Throughout 2023, KCP continued to support its mission to enhance cultural arts in the Kentlands/Lakelands community in an inclusive and accessible environment, and to inspire a love of live theatre throughout the wider community.

Plans for KCP’s 2024 season include April’s production of “They’re Playing Our Song” at The Gaithersburg Arts Barn. In addition, KCP has submitted several production proposals to TAPP for inclusion in its upcoming season. 


The Kentlands Film Society (KFS) strives to bring high-quality, independent films to residents of the greater Kentlands/Lakelands community. Established in 2006 as a program of the Kentlands Community Foundation, this mission has been carried out by KFS over the last 17 years with approximately 80 films presented to a collective audience of approximately 6,000 attendees.

A group of dedicated volunteers curate the films and introduce them on film night. Throughout 2023, the Programming Committee previewed dozens of films. In selecting films, they considered universal themes, thought-provoking topics, and strong social messages with generally uplifting endings. As the selections were narrowed down, they aimed for a balance of dramas, documentaries, and comedies. Many of the selections were foreign-language films with English subtitles.

Beginning in fall 2021, KFS began selling subscriptions online using the KCF website. In addition, wine and light snacks are available to patrons. After each film, a Critics’ Corner is held for those interested in discussing the movie. The Kentlands Film Society is now in its 17th successful season running from September 2023 to May 2024. Plans are underway to develop its 18th Season from September 2024 to May 2025.


Musica Viva Kentlands (MVK), a classical music series now entering its seventh year, is committed to bringing outstanding performances by professional musicians to the community. These concerts seek to raise appreciation for classical music by making it accessible to all. In 2023, Musica Viva presented two performances. The first was a paid, indoor event featuring two gifted pianists from the area and included new pieces composed by one of the pianists who recently appeared in a performance at Carnegie Hall. While this format was a departure from the existing format of free, outdoor access programming, its addition to MVK served as a valuable new component for bringing performances of artistic significance to the area. The event was a sold-out success and provided MVK with the opportunity to raise important funding in support of its core mission. 

MVK’s second traditional offering, a free, outdoor performance, was held in September. It was held on the grounds of the Kentlands Clubhouse and featured a larger orchestra that included a wide range of instruments. The repertoire featured works that were artistically significant but also designed to appeal to a wide audience. Attendance was strong with approximately 750 individuals attending as well as a contingent of those approximately 550 who elected to attend virtually via live stream.

Funding to support these events was obtained through private foundation grants, community contributions, the proceeds of the fundraiser concert, and other donor support including funds contributed by the Lakelands Community Association, Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, and Maryland State Arts Council. In addition, both the Kentlands Community Foundation and Kentlands Citizens Assembly provided substantial support.

Planning is underway for Program Year 2024. Anticipated events will include a special fundraising performance to be held at the Arts Barn during the month of April and a large orchestral performance in September.

Community Engagement

Kentlands Holiday Tree and Menorah Lighting, a cherished tradition in Kentlands Market Square, continued its success in 2023. Transitioning to a Foundation program in 2022, the event solidified its significance within the community. This year, the gathering drew an even larger crowd, bringing together local businesses, government officials, performers, and residents to celebrate the art of community. Attendees enjoyed performances, craft stations for children, and festive giveaways like blinking light necklaces and candy canes.

As the largest gathering yet, the 2023 Holiday Tree and Menorah Lighting showcased the community’s spirit and camaraderie. Looking ahead, planning for the 2024 event will commence in the summer, ensuring another memorable and magical holiday celebration for the Kentlands community.

The Kentlands/Lakelands 5K Race, Walk and Kid Runs (Dash & Tot Trot) celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2023. This annual charity 5K race drew more than 1,400 runners and walkers. The course featured live entertainment along the way showcasing local bands, as participants enjoyed the best of New Urbanism and wound their way through the Kentlands and Lakelands neighborhoods. This event engaged over 250 volunteers.

The 5K Race is the Foundation’s largest fundraiser, but in keeping with its philanthropic mission, the Foundation donates approximately fifty percent of the net proceeds to several beneficiaries. After the 2023 race, the Foundation made donations to benefit five local charities totaling $20,000, a 4% increase over 2022:

  • Dolores C. Swoyer Camp Scholarship Fund, organized to give children in need the opportunity to participate in the City of Gaithersburg’s summer camp program, was awarded $11,750;
  • The Dwelling Place, a nonprofit based in Gaithersburg that provides transitional housing to Montgomery County residents, received $3,850;
  • Maryland Senior Olympics received $1,250;
  • Mercy Health Clinic, which provides medical care to the uninsured and underinsured in the Gaithersburg community, received $2,600; and
  • A scholarship fund for art camps, classes and workshops at the Gaithersburg Arts Barn received $550.

The 31st Kentlands/Lakelands 5K Race will take place on Saturday, August 31, 2024.


Kentlands Under the Lights was wholly reimagined in 2023. This festive community dinner saw a new and extended footprint, increased music, food and drink options as well as more places to sit, linger and enjoy the company of friends and neighbors. The expanded event, which ran from the top of Market Street at the traffic circle, was a smashing success by all accounts and measures. As of January 2024, the committee is already looking ahead to summer; working hard on Kentlands Under the Lights scheduled for June 22.


KidServe sought to build and strengthen partnerships with neighborhood service groups, local youth, and one national organization throughout 2023.

  • Feb 2023: Helped the KCF collect over 50 food items for Nourish Now and its “Spread the Love” food drive; had a “cake making kit” night in which Kentlands friends came over to make popular birthday cake kits to donate (cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, candles).
  • March 2023: Partnered with a Lakelands resident and helped collect over 85 gently used or new prom dresses for Praisner’s Project Prom Dress which sponsors free dresses at a community center in Burtonsville so that all teens can afford prom.
  • March 2023: Teamed up with the ESOL program at Seneca Creek Community Church to sponsor a St. Patrick’s Day party for about 20 ESOL kids; two local middle schoolers also joined the event to help paint faces, decorate cookies, play games, and make crafts.
  • July 2023: Partnered with Kentlands Kingfish swim team to collect over 100 toiletries and bath towels into shower kits to take to the MCCH Shelter as part of the Kingfish’s Cheeseburger outreach cookout day there.
  • Oct 2023: Visited Sunrise Senior Center to make crafts with residents, play games, do puzzles, and have good old-fashioned conversation. Visits to Sunrise Senior Center have been ongoing since 2014.
  • Nov 2023: Worked with North Potomac Knitters and the Gaithersburg CARES Hub to collect donations of about 55 gifts and 40 hand-knit hats/scarves, which volunteers wrapped and made hand-made gift tags for; these gifts were distributed to local families in need and recent refugee families.
  • Dec 2023: Reached out to St. Vincent de Paul’s new chapter at St. Elizabeth Church in Rockville, MD to support its holiday giving program. Two “paint and sip” events were hosted where local moms came to paint about 40 holiday-themed signs for SVDP’s holiday gift drive. The signs were distributed to local schools in Silver Spring, Langley Park (the Linkages to Learning programs), and St. Frances de Sales school in NE Washington, DC.


New Urbanism, Environment & Sustainability


Go Green Group, the Foundation’s environment-focused program, continued to meet bi-monthly throughout 2023 to support its purpose of learning and exploring pro-environmental practices and methods. This dedicated group is now busy organizing events for the coming year to engage community members in educational programming and volunteerism opportunities. In partnership with the Kentlands Garden Club, Go Green Group hosted a day of learning in March about local plants, rain-scape programs, and best native landscape plantings for your yard. Participants also learned about grant money available from the City of Gaithersburg and Sustainable Maryland. Annual events throughout 2024 include a community cleanup with the City of Gaithersburg in April and a fall Daffodil planting in various tree-save areas with local Girl and Boy Scout volunteers. 

Additionally, Go Green Group met with the Kentlands Citizens Assembly to solidify KCA’s commitment to the planting of various grasses in certain areas of Kentlands to reduce runoff and to beautify the sections where grass does not grow around sidewalks. Moving forward, Go Green Group will be working with Kentlands Community Foundation’s New Urbanism program on developing future activities and on attracting additional purpose-driven volunteers. 

The New Urbanism program committee hosted a successful weekend event April 28 & 29, 2023, aimed at educating the community about Kentlands’ history and future. Despite challenging weather, the event drew significant participation. The “Walk, Wine, and Dine” event saw nearly 75 participants exploring local establishments, collecting stamps on passports for raffle prizes, and raising funds for future initiatives. “Chalk City,” led by artist Patti Connell, allowed residents, with a focus on children, to creatively envision community elements in chalk on the sidewalk in front of the Kentlands Clubhouse, despite the rain. The highlight of the weekend was a presentation by Marina Khoury, partner at DPZ CoDesign, and a prominent voice in New Urbanism. Attendees had the rare opportunity to learn about the history of New Urbanism and the future development plans for Kentlands directly from Khoury and John Schlichting, Director of Planning & Code Administration for the City of Gaithersburg. The event concluded with a wine reception, fostering community connections and announcing raffle winners.

The structure and diversity of activities surrounding this New Urbanist weekend successfully engaged residents, provided educational opportunities, and promoted community cohesion. The KCF looks forward to organizing similar events to further these goals.


Social Clubs & Gatherings

Kentlands Bridge Club played weekly on Wednesday afternoons at the Carriage House. This popular club continued to grow and attract new players, reaching a roster of 28 players: primarily through recommendations of current players and community members. Due to space constraints, weekly participation was limited to 20 players. However, to include as many as possible, the Club rotated through its membership roster each week to ensure everyone had an opportunity to play. Bridge will continue being played by this passionate club in 2024.

Kentlands Music Jams (KMJ), formerly known separately as Kentlands Acoustic Jam and Kentlands Rock & Blues Social Club, gathered monthly until June 2023. At that time, the Foundation took a strategic pause to restructure and focus this social program around a unified brand identity. Under the new Kentlands Music Jams moniker, the program now offers two social groups and styles of music: Rock & Blues and Jazz Session. The ongoing reorganization includes a unified set of jams under one branding umbrella across all social/digital platforms. Although the name has changed, the excitement and passion for making music as a community remains the same!

Since relaunch, Kentlands Music Jams continued to attract interest from the Kentlands/Lakelands community, the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virigina area, and as far north as Baltimore and Frederick. Kentlands Music Jams were well attended by dedicated and talented musicians, making Kentlands a go-to place for this form of community building.

Throughout 2024, both social groups, KMJ: Rock & Blues and KMJ: Jazz Session, will continue to meet monthly in the Kentlands Carriage House. The latest schedule is included on the Kentlands Citizens Assembly calendar and posted on the Kentlands Community Foundation website and social media channels. Kentlands Music Jams members also network with area and neighborhood musicians, such as local songwriter groups and area music shop patrons, who often refer interested artists to the groups. A very musical year is ahead for 2024!

Kentlands Photography Society underwent a makeover in 2023, having previously been the Kentlands Photography Association. The Society affirmed its goals to foster and promote photography in and around the Kentlands as both an art form and to record images for posterity. Members met for photography walks in nature and to discuss the latest technology for drone photography, artificial intelligence, and its impact on photography, and videography. Members also volunteered with the Kentlands Community Players to take publicity photos for its production of “Sherlock Holmes and the American Problem” as well as for some local bands and musical events. For 2024, planning is underway to participate and photograph a variety of community events and the changing landscape of our beautiful community. 

Kentlands Wine Club had a spectacular year in 2023! On the second Friday of every month, participants experienced the educational as well as the social benefits of the world of wine. Throughout 2023, the Club toured the globe with themed tastings of wines from Austria, France, South America, and Italy as well as excellent wines being developed in the local area. In addition to the geographic interest presented by these wine samplings, special events were held in honor of Valentine’s Day (“Wines We Love”) and Thanksgiving food and wine pairings.

A guest speaker series was introduced this year that included Nick Materese (Siema Wines), Davide Megna (Impero Wine Imports), and Alyssa Wolf (Red Wolf Imports). The Wine Club also supported the Foundation’s New Urbanism Walk on April 28th and welcomed summer a field trip to Windridge Vineyard. In addition, because of its strong and growing support – with a membership of over 80 – every member received etched Kentlands Wine Club stemware. The Club will continue bringing residents and neighbors together throughout 2024 over the enjoyable topic of wine!

Kentlands Writers, a fledgling program of the Kentlands Community Foundation, grew to eight regular members in 2023. Each writer presented excerpts from current writing projects to enjoy constructive feedback and inspiration from peers, a major goal of the group! Members of Kentlands Writers include a poet, a songwriter, two memoirists, and several novelists. Some are working toward publication, either traditionally or via self-publishing, while others enjoy writing as a hobby. One member has a blog and has published two articles this past year in local magazines. Additionally, several members attended the Gaithersburg Book Festival and the F. Scott Fitzgerald Festival. The Kentlands Writers group is always on the lookout for writing conferences and retreats to glean information and foster inspiration!

On the Horizon

We look forward to another vibrant year of programming that brings our community together, encourages volunteerism, and educates the public about the many benefits of a new urbanist lifestyle. Plans for the Foundation in the coming year include additional efforts to reach a wider audience such as expanding the live streaming of our Musica Viva concerts and expanding all of our programming to engage a wider geographic area and larger demographic footprint, furthering our partnership with the great City of Gaithersburg, and continuing to support our growing programs.

 Specific initiatives include:

  • Securing a permanent space for the Gaithersburg Artists Collective
  • An innovative app in the works by our New Urbanism seat and committee
  • Finding a new program lead for the Tree and Menorah Lighting
  • Filling one remaining board seat, the business seat
  • Furthering the community’s awareness and understanding of the Foundation by way of continuing our work on social media content creation, improved marketing, , and a more robust online presence
  • Creative and intentional expansion of our fundraising efforts
  • Continuing to educate the wider community about the Foundation and our programs


We are thrilled with the progress the Foundation has made over the past several years and with our renewed forward momentum. Our programs continue to flourish and grow, our volunteer base is energized and robust, and we look forward to a very bright future with even more opportunities to encourage community engagement, volunteerism, and more ways for you to support our programs.

We would like to thank all our partners, sponsors, donors and grantors, but especially our major supporters which include:

  • Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County
  • Kentlands Citizens Assembly 
  • Maryland State Arts Council
  • Lakelands Community Association
  • Paul M. Angell Family Foundation
  • The City of Gaithersburg