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Kentlands Wine Club

The Wine Club is established for the purpose of appreciating, educating and promoting the enjoyment of wine in our community. In keeping with the mission of the Kentlands Community Foundation, the Wine Club is organized to enhance volunteerism through Foundation events and to strengthen the concepts of new urbanism at Wine Club programs. There will also be an annual Wine Club charitable fundraiser to benefit a segment of the Greater Kentlands, Gaithersburg and Montgomery County.  Please join us at one of our monthly meetings and events!

Wine Club Meetings

Meet fellow Wine Enthusiasts from the Kentlands and surrounding communities near you! Come to our next meeting to taste new wines; learn about noses and legs; and discuss great vintages and estates. Everyone’s welcome, from new bouquet-sniffers to educated connoisseurs.  There is always something for all wine lovers!


The Kentlands Wine Club is established by Kentlands residents Lynn and Steve Longley. The Club leadership is a governing Committee with officers and at-large committee members to produce, direct and improve the monthly wine club activities. Membership in the Wine Club is available to all who are over 21 years old and who register online by agreeing to the Membership Statement and Agreement and by contributing an annual donation of $30 per person online through the Foundation’s website. Registered members of the Club may bring one guest who must be over the age of 21 a maximum of two times per year. The number of guests may be limited by the Committee to ensure adequate event space for resident members. The $30 fee covers the regular expenses of the Club. Additional costs may be incurred by members for special events.

Membership Information

The Kentlands Wine Club is a social, volunteer-based and charitable program of the Kentlands Community Foundation. Members are required to contribute the annual fee, and to maintain good-standing status throughout their active membership. Members will be asked to contribute wine at most Club events and to volunteer for occasional food, cleanup or other duties as needed. Members will register online through the Foundation website using the “Donate Now” button. All members will be required to sign the Member Agreement as a condition of membership.

Members of the Club are also asked to support the annual activities of the Foundation. This may include volunteering for events such as Kentlands Under the Lights, The Kentlands-Lakelands 5K, or other Foundation events. When the Club reaches a practical level of membership, an annual benefit will be created to provide financial support to the community.

The Kentlands Wine Club meets the 2nd Friday of every month from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, at the Kentlands Clubhouse.

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