Plogging: The New Swedish Trend comes to the Kentlands! 

Do you like to jog around the lakes and your neighborhood? Do you walk with your family on our tree-lined streets? Do you see trash that annoys you and you wish were not there?

You can now “plocka upp” (Swedish term for or jog/walk and picking up trash) to help keep your favorite neighborhood looking beautiful and also keeping the trash from the waterways.

Kentland’s Green Team has combined efforts with the Kentlands Board of Trustees and the Kentlands Community Foundation to get “plogging” up and running for students in school needing students service-learning hours (SSL hours) who would enjoy picking up trash with friends and family.

Students can go the Kentlands Clubhouse during working hours, ask for pickup sticks and buckets and bags and then clean up the trash as they plog (jog/walk) around the neighborhood. Students can then return to the clubhouse and get an SSL form with the hours they have worked. They can dump the trash they have picked up in the recycling bins next to the clubhouse if materials are recyclable. Those that are not go in the trash. Win-win for students and for our neighborhood!

Plogging doesn’t stop there, the aim is to have all residents start using the pickup sticks and buckets and getting out their in nature to pick-up any trash that you may see as you walk the paths and sidewalks. Kentlands was designed as a new urbanist community where we have these walkable paths and sidewalks. 

For people interested in social media, use hashtag #ploggingkentlands and let’s see if we can motivate others to do the same, not only here but in their neighborhoods too.  Picking up the plastic bags, cans and other materials will help minimize these materials winding up in the waterways around flow into our Montgomery County drinking water source. Think that you are not only making your neighborhood look great but that you are also protecting your drinking water. 

The Green Team hopes to see you out there “Plogging”! Enjoy!

Kentlands HOA Green Team, members of Sustainable Maryland Green Team program.

Plogging during Covid- 50th Year Anniversary Earth Day, April 2020, Kentlands