Have an idea for a program?  The Foundation considers applications for programs that fulfill its mission. Please reach out if you have an idea and want to explore it further.

KCF New Program Application and New Programs Guide 

New Program Application Guide: 

– Criteria for becoming a KCF Program 

o Support the KCF Mission 

o Promote cultural arts, community outreach, or education about New Urbanism o Serve the local community 

o Run independently but with KCF collaboration and oversight 

About KCF: THE KENTLANDS COMMUNITY FOUNDATION is a non-profit Maryland  corporation dedicated to enriching public life through educational and cultural  programs. It was established in 1993 and was granted non-porfit status under Section  501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code -Our Mission 

  1. To build community by supporting local arts and cultural programs; 
  2. To provide opportunities for volunteerism and community outreach; and 
  3. To serve as an educational resource on the landmark new urbanist community that is  Kentlands. 

– Evaluation of a new program application: When considering whether to initiate or support a  new program, the Foundation Board first evaluates whether the program addresses one or  more of the tenants of the Foundation’s mission: 

  1. to build community by supporting the cultural arts 
  2. to provide opportunities for volunteerism and community outreach, and 
  3. to serve as an educational resource on the principals of New Urbanism 

– Examples of current programs and how they help support each of the Foundation’s missions include the following. 

o The cultural arts are supported by The Young Artist Awards program co-sponsored with the City of Gaithersburg at the Arts Barn, The Kentlands Film Society, our newly organized Classical Concert Series and Kentlands Acoustic Jam, which offers area residents and area musicians a way to come together for informal musical jam sessions twice a month. 

o Volunteerism and community outreach are the cornerstones of our Cub Scout Pack 221, KidServe program and The Kentlands/Lakeland’s 5K Race, the Foundation’s signature fundraiser requiring upwards of 250 volunteers to stage Montgomery  County’s largest 5K road race. 

o Education on New Urbanism is offered by the Foundation’s ongoing New Urbanism Lecture Series and the docent walking tours of the landmark new urbanist community that is Kentlands, hosted by the Foundation and consisting of a 90-minute tour and talk on the New Urbanism concept, the history and design principles behind the creation of the Kentlands.

And several programs, for example the Kentlands Under the Lights community dinner, promote all three prongs of our mission statement. 

Where a new program idea addresses one or more of the Foundation’s missions, the  board will move forward and consider several additional factors when deciding whether  to support it as a Foundation program, including: 

(1) Whether the program will be financially self-sufficient. While the Foundation  supports several of its programs financially, the amount of financial support available is  limited and the preferred model is for a program to be financially self-sufficient through  fundraising or contributions. Typically a program that requires seed funding must show  a path to self- sufficiency and is expected to reach the break-even point within three  years. 

(2) Whether the program will have sufficient hands-on support to operate successfully.  The Foundation board meets every r month to review program status and provide  guidance to program leaders; however, the day-to-day operation and management of  the program is the responsibility of the program leadership and/or the group that put  the program together. 

(3) The extent of the need or demand in the community for the program. 

(4) Whether the program overlaps or is substantially similar to an existing Foundation  pro-gram. Where there is substantial overlap or similarity, the better course might be to  work under the existing program rather than start anew. 

– Decision tree: is your program eligible to become a KCF Program? 

o Does your program promote cultural arts, community outreach, or education about New Urbanism? 

o Does your program serve the local community? Does your program have a specific idea  of who its audience be? 

o Are you willing to take a “boots on the ground approach?” 

o Do you have a group ready to work with you to fulfill your program’s goals o Will your program hold regular events? 

o Do you have solid ideas or sources for fundraising 

o Do you have a plans for financial independence within three years of instituting your  new program 

o Will your program agree to operate within the mission and constructs of the KCF, to  accept KCF guidance, and to report regularly to KCF (via KCF’s liaison for your program)? o Will you or one of your organization’s members be available to attend a quarterly  Program Heads meeting? 

o Will your program agree to cooperate with KCF’s fundraising and marketing efforts? o Are you willing to develop an organization “Board” structure to run your program? o Are you willing to develop a budget to submit to KCF on at least a semi-annual basis?

– What the Foundation can do for you 

o The Kentlands Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, thus contributions to the Foundations and its programs typically are tax deductible  contributions. 

o Financial support to help your program get off the ground including possible access to  funds from available grants 

o The Foundation has a part-time Executive Director that can provide some administrative support to programs, though typically the bulk of the organizing work is undertaken by  the program chair and its volunteers. 

o The Foundation has a broad base of volunteers and can assist with efforts to recruit volunteers for the program. 

o The Foundation has regular outreach communiqués through local media, social media, o and its mailing lists and can assist with publicity for program events. 

o The Foundation’s board meets every month and is available to provide support, Guidance, and ideas as programs move forward and questions arise. 

o Assistance with securing space for program meeting and events 

o Access to the Kentlands Community Foundation community email list  

o Insurance through the Kentlands Community Foundation 

o Recognition of program volunteer and achievements 

– KCP Program best practices: 

o Respond to KCF liaison requests for monthly program update 

o Submit new program marketing to KCF ED for review before distributing o Submit information about planned program events to KCF ED for inclusion on website  and in marketing materials and communications 

o Submit a detailed budget to KCF along with an explanation of any new funding requests o Keep good records (ideally in a format that can be handed directly to an incoming  program head to ensure seamless continuation of the program) 

– Include in application: 

o What is your program’s mission? 

o How does your program support the KCF Mission? 

o How is your program different from existing KCF programs? 

o How will your program fundraise for events and activities? 

o How will your program market and advertise? 

o Where will your program hold meetings and events? 

o Who will work to help fulfill the mission and objectives of your program? o What events or activities do you envision for your program within the first year? o What challenges do you foresee for your program? 

o How do you anticipate KCF will assist and support your program? 

o Where do you see your program in 5 years?

New Programs Guide: 

– Responsibilities of a new KCF Program 

o Respond to KCF liaison requests for monthly program update 

o Submit new program marketing (including website content, advertisements, and  newspaper or other articles) to KCF ED for review before distributing 

o Submit information about planned program events to KCF ED for inclusion on website  and in marketing materials and communications 

o Submit a detailed budget to KCF along with an explanation of any new funding requests – How to structure your new program 

o Example of a common board structure 

o How to find program members 

o How to find program volunteers 

o How often should your program meet 

o Program record keeping and retention 

– Creating a budget 

o Budget basics 

o Annual budget example (forecast at least two years) 

o How to budget for a program even or project (include Project Profile grid from Board  Binder) 

o How to make changes to a program’s budget 

o How the KCF makes program budgeting decisions 

o Can a program procure funds from other sources? 

o Include fundraising sources and funds needed from KCF 

– Fundraising for your program 

o Ideas for fundraising for your program 

o How money is collected for your program 

– Planning a program event 

o Plan a date and communicate with KCF (avoid overlap with other KCF events when  possible) 

o Outline all supplies and volunteer help needed 

o Plan your event budget and source of funds 

o Secure space for event (if applicable) 

o Market your event 

On the KCF website 

On your program website 

Using social media 

Via KCF articles and other communications 

– How to communicate with KCF 

o For new program events 

o For funding requests and budget updates 

o For changes in your organizations structure

o For ongoing updates and activities